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TCFEX – The Perfect Stimulus For Academic Enhancement

Whether you find yourself in the early stages of a graduate proposal, finishing your thesis, publishing journal papers, dealing with your h-index, or even trying to improve the quality of the research of the students under your supervision, you will find TCFEX effectively enhancing your efforts every step of the way. Join TCFEX and discover new heights in your research program today! [caption id="attachment ...

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Issue 69 September 2012 – World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

Article#   WORLD ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ISSUE 69 SEPTEMBER 2012 Page# 1 A Study on the Average Information Ratio of Perfect Secret-Sharing Schemes for Access Structures Based on Bipartite GraphsHui-Chuan Lu 1 2 Second Order Admissibilities in Multi-parameter Logistic Regression ModelChie Obayashi, Hidekazu Tanaka, Yoshiji Takagi 7 3 Note on the necessity of the patch testRado Flajs, ...

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Why Virtual Teams Fail | OnPoint Consulting llc

Why Virtual Teams FailOctober 2nd, 2012 | Posted in Collaborating And Leading From A Distance by admin Virtual teams are more prevalent than ever. Advances in technology have made it easier to organize and manage dispersed groups of people.  And competitive pressures and the needs of today’s global market workforce have made virtual teams a necessity for some organizations. But the fact that virtual teams c ...

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3 ways to manage your virtual team | Mobilizer

Previous 15th October 2012 3 ways to manage your virtual teamIn this day and age of fast Internet everywhere, mobile apps and the sudden meaningless of geographical location, more and more companies have what’s known as virtual teams.From what we’ve seen in our company, MeetingKing, although the projects vary from designing websites to creating a new mobile application, the basic structure remains more or l ...

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Top 15 Free Video Conferencing Tools 2012

Top 15 Free Video Conferencing Tools 2012 Best free downloadable and web-based video conferencing tools for holding multi-party video calls Robin Good 1,612 followers, 18 pins - Free video conferencing for up to 6 people on Windows, Mac and Linux - 2 likes 3 repins Google Hangouts - Web-based - Video conferencing for up to 10 participants. 4 repins Pl ...

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Virtual Teams: Key Success Factors – Part 1

February 19, 20103 CommentsVirtual Teams: Key Success Factors – Part 1Posted by Brad Egeland The business justification for virtual teams is strong. They increase speed and agility and leverage expertise and vertical integration between organizations to make resources readily available. Virtual teams also lessen the disruption of people’s lives because the people do not have to travel to meet. And in today’ ...

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How to Manage Virtual Teams

Managing Collaboration, Operations Management and ResearchHow to Manage Virtual TeamsBy Frank Siebdrat, Martin Hoegl and Holger ErnstJuly 1, 2009Dispersed teams can actually outperform groups that are colocated. To succeed, however, virtual collaboration must be managed in specific ways.Subscribe or sign in to get access to even more articles.PrintDownloadBuy Image courtesy of SAP. Share This More Sharing S ...

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13 Ways Virtual Teams Can Collaborate On Documents

13 Ways Virtual Teams Can Collaborate On Documents by Michael Kwan - on Feb 14th 2011 - 2 Comments 2,039 Views Everything is online. You could be working on a virtual team where the collaborators are located all around the globe. No longer are teams necessarily housed in the same building. This is an incredibly flexible proposition, but it also presents a unique set of challenges. How do you, for example, w ...

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Leading Virtual Teams

Article Efficient participation in today's economy demands high reliance on effective leadership of technical and support teams whose members are scattered across many geographic boundaries. There are unique and distinctive requirements for leadership attention in the virtual project team or remote management situation, where individuals who share responsibilities for common goals reside in geographically d ...

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