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Bibliometrics, citation analysis, or author/lab/journal impact, is a method aimed at determining the importance and influence of (typically peer-reviewed) journals, journal articles and their authors. Several techniques have been developed and there is active discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of each. Below you will find articles discussing these techniques and the controversies, as well as the tools most often used to gather and analyze the data.

Research Tools Mind Map funded by: Nader Ale Ebrahim in 2009. Dr. Nader have collected over 700 tools that can help researchers do their work efficiently. It is assembled as an interactive Web-based mind map, titled Research Tools, which is updated periodically. Created using the MindMeister software platform, Research Tools provides a convenient interface with zoom in/out, screen drag, and other user-friendly features.



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  • Aghaei Chadegani A, Salehi H, Yunus M. M, Farhadi H, Fooladi M, Farhadi M et al. A Comparison between Two Main Academic Literature Collections: Web of Science and Scopus Databases. Asian Social Science 2013;9(5):18-26. [More] 
  • Fooladi M, Salehi H, Yunus M. M, Farhadi M, Aghaei Chadegani A, Farhadi H et al. Do Criticisms Overcome the Praises of Journal Impact Factor?. Asian Social Science 2013;9(5):176-182. [More] 
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